Thursday, 08 August 2019 06:04

Sri Lankan companies get more help to enter into Indian Market

The government continues its initiative of assisting Sri Lankan companies to enter into massive Indian market

At least 30 Sri Lankan firms have already established their marketing links with indium counterparts and they are carrying out lucrative businesses in that country.

International Trade and Development Strategies Ministry will be encouraging more Sri Lankan companies to tap into the Indian market.

The Ministry has already launched the ‘Break into India’ strategy in which the Request for Proposals was published by the Export Development Board (EDB) this week.

An international expert will be recruited to conduct research that provides any current or prospective Sri Lankan exporter or investor into India with in-depth market entry knowledge, including mapping of entry requirements, regulatory frameworks, institutions and market potential to ease of doing business with India.

It has also been planned a business-to-business facilitation where market linkages will be forged for Sri Lankan businesses in priority sectors in India.

Sri Lankan government will be urging Indian investors to form joint ventures with Lankan private sector for ventures in India and help with entry of lankan products, brands and companies into India.

During the past few years, Sri Lankan exports to India of some other products were also subjected, from time to time,to various forms of ‘administrative protection.



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