Friday, 09 August 2019 06:03

Singer appointed as DELL Technologies Commercial Distributor

Singer, country’s premier consumer product retailer has been appointed as the DELL Technologies Commercial Distributor in addition to the DELL Consumer Distributor status which Singer currently holds.

As the DELL Technologies Commercial Distributor, Singer will distribute DELL Commercial products to Authorized Resellers island wide empowering them to cater to both Government and Private sector through DELL’s latest technologies.

Through the past years, Singer has transformed in to a technological powerhouse with an impressive array of products enhancing its marketing capabilities in selling Computers, Tabs, Mobile phones and so on.

Formerly, Singer partnered with DELL in 2014 as a Large format Retailer and Distributor for consumer products and embarked successfully which eventually crowned Singer as the most coveted Best Consumer Distributor for FY2018 and FY2019 at DELL Technologies Partner awards.

Workspace transformation is taking place and trends are changing hence Singer is getting ready to cater to the needs of the Government and Private organizations for the future with this partnership to be able to cater any requirement/need in the industry.

Mahesh Wijewardene - Group CEO of Singer Sri Lanka PLC stated, that Singer is on a new journey to fetch world’s latest technology and be a part of the workforce transformation journey in the Sri Lanka.


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