Wednesday, 14 August 2019 07:05

Foreign Employment Agency (Pvt) Company neglects its objectives

Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency (Pvt) Company has failed to develop foreign relationships with the view of promoting foreign employment, recent government audit query claimed.

The company officers have enjoyed jolly trips overseas under the pretext of canvassing job opportunities for Sri Lankans .

Several officers had been opportunities to participate in foreign tours in 10 instances by spending a total of Rs. 6.35 million and Rs. 2.53 million in the years 2016 and 2017 respectively, audit report revealed.

However foreign employment opportunities had not been improved as expected. Further, out of 3,616 job opportunities mentioned so as received, only 1,213 workers had been able to be sent for employment.

An insurance scheme named as “Relief Insurance Fund” had been implemented by Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency (Pvt) Company.

The aim is to grant compensation and reimbursement the expenditure incurred to get Sri Lankan workers back home and in the event of any worker completely, partially disabled or died during the period of overseas employment.

This insurance scheme had been taken under the purview of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment from the month of March 2015, without taking the responsibility to compensate the damage of insured during the cover period.

Accordingly the one of main activities of the company had been revoked and the compensation amount had to be borne by encasing the fixed deposit investments of the Company.


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