Wednesday, 14 August 2019 07:13

WB funded Agriculture Modernization Project fails to achieve targets

Agriculture Sector Modernization Project is yet achieve expected targets owing to bureaucratic bungling, official statistics revealed.

World Bank has granted loan amounting to Rs. 9,553.78 million to the Ministry of Agriculture for this project.

Although it was scheduled to commence the activities of that project on 15 October 2016, the work had not been commenced even by late on 22 March 2017.

Provisions of Rs. 700 million had been allocated in the year under review for project activities, and out of them Rs. 81.04 million had only been utilized.

This money has been spent on recruiting the staff, establishing regional office, procurement of necessary equipment and payment of consultancy fees,

But the other work relating to achieving of project objectives had not been commenced a as yet.

Meanwhile the activities of Fruit Processing Centers for a post harvest fruit project , which were constructed by spending US dollars 644,693 without doing primary surveys and proper feasibility study, were remained idle even as at 10 May 2018.


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