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Japanese investor to manufacture flexible packaging for Tea Industry

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka signed an Agreement with Sugano Packing Materials Co., Ltd., a Japanese Company to establish a plant that will be manufacturing flexible packaging that will be utilized by, among other sectors, the local tea industry. The packaging produced in Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka would be mainly flat bottomed bags.

The project represents an investment of US$ 7.5 million. The Agreement was signed by Mangala Yapa, Chairman of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka and Yusaku Sugano, Managing Director of Sugano Colombo Pvt Ltd and Dinesh Dahanayake, Director of the Company.

To manufacture the bags a large pouching machine will be brought to Sri Lanka.

Sugano Stores the initial plant of Sugano Packing Materials Co., Ltd (SPM) was established in 1968 by ex-president Kumao Sugano in Hyogo, Japan, under the philosophy ‘the principle of customers comes first. The company gradually expanded its capacity in terms of land, equipment and areas of expertise over 37 years under 2 generations, which is currently managed by the successor of the group Koshi Sugano.

Prior to joining as a part of the Japan Polyethylene Industrial Guild in 1st of July, 1976 the firm started off with polyethylene inflation processing and continued in to welder processing of chloride Vinyl in 1971 and in to Multilayer Inflation Processing in 1995 (heavy duty packaging field).


Within this era of modification the firm was able to enhance its quality assurance through the establishment of a designing section in 1997, an integrated production system in 2003, a multi-level storage warehouse in 2004, a logistics center in 2005, a pouch making section in 2012 along with 2 other compatible factories and an office space in Tokyo, Japan.

Wining the public and government trust the company was awarded with the Certification of ISO9001:2000, Eco-Action Certification and a Certification by the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association respectively in the years of 2005, 2008 and 2012.

Currently the company handles the entire sequence of producing various film packaging from planning, designing, printing, laminating, slitting and bag making (for various product film packages) until the sales management of packing industry materials. Employing over 195 people from Japan with a capital of 58 million Yen, the company delivers products approximately for over 1,200 companies in the Kansai area. These products include food, pet food, electricity, hardware, fiber, daily necessities, fishing tackles, automobile products, and general retail-related industries.

The branch of Sugano Packing Material that is to be established in Sri Lanka in Ja-Ela is represented by Yusaku Sugano the son of Mr. Koshi Sugano and Managing Director of the Company and by Director/ Country Officer of Sri Lanka, Dinesh Dahanyake.

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