Monday, 02 December 2019 06:09

Kingsbury gets a face lift under Rs 750 million revamp

The Kingsbury, one of Sri Lanka’s iconic hotels, opens a brand new chapter in its history on December 7 under a 750 million-rupee revamp of the Colombo property.

The transformation brings to the fore five new restaurants, which opens its doors to gastronomic journeys promising innovative dining propositions and indulgent gourmet experiences. Augmenting the transformation, service benchmarks have been set beyond excellence, signaling a paradigm shift in the complete portfolio collective The Kingsbury offers.

“Being a harbinger of change has always been the driver for The Kingsbury,” said Chairman of Hayleys Mohan Pandithage, who has been at the helm of the transformation, in a media release.

“For us, this investment of Rs.750 million into dining experiences is not just about adding innovative gourmet journeys into what the city offers, but also about ensuring that The Kingsbury’s hallmark signature of being unique and unparalleled gains credence. Our focus is to be that leader of change in hospitality and for us that voyage has now begun.”

Driving the transformational process is hospitality industry trailblazer, Managing Director of Hayleys Leisure Sector Rohan Karr whose focus has been on positioning The Kingsbury as a differentiator in the city hotel hospitality industry. “The significant investment infused into this transformation process reiterates our deep commitment to developing a personality that gives us unparalleled uniqueness.

These are new beginnings for us as it is for the country’s hospitality industry and the fact that we have added style, pizzazz and modernity into the city’s dining milieu augurs well for the gourmet landscape. We strongly believe that our five restaurants will etch their individuality into the city’s dining experiences, firmly positioning The Kingsbury as a true innovator in epicurean fare.”


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