Wednesday, 12 February 2020 08:48

Central Bank Governor anticipates Sri Lanka economic revival in 2020.

A revival in economic activity can be anticipated in 2020 with the support of better fiscal and monetary measures, Central Bank Governor Prof W D Lakshman said.

“According to available estimates, Domestic economic activities in Sri Lanka has remained subdued in the fourth quarter of 2019, but in 2020, a revival in economic activity is anticipated” Prof. Lakshman said whilst Speaking at the Economic Outlook launch for 2020 at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on Monday 10
This economic revival is to be supported by appropriate fiscal and monetary measures and importantly improved business confidence and strong sense of political stability among people in general and the business community in particular, he added.

Prof. Lakshman noted that low and stable inflation environment, exchange rate stability at competitive level, low lending rates as well as improved consumer and investor sentiment are likely to push the economy to reach its capacity level over the medium- term.

“The growth momentum of the economy will be sustained due to structural reforms designed in line with the policy priorities of the government. A slow improvement is seen in the country’s external account, while the contraction in imports observed in 2019 is likely to continue in 2020,” he added.

Meanwhile, speaking about the tourism sector Prof, Lakshman noted that tourism is recovering from the Easter Sunday attacks, though moderated by coronavirus.

Speaking further Prof, Lakshman noted that The major components of the ongoing policy reform in his view is the dependence placed on a coalition of three known forms of capital formation in growth which include domestic private capital, the domestic state capital and foreign private capital.

The dependence placed on the SME sector and incentives provided to the SMEs indicate the government’s intention to build up a strong domestic entrepreneurial class through SMEs.

Growth incentives being provided to domestic private capital effectively used should build up the desired domestic entrepreneurial class,” he noted adding that the pledge given by the government that SOEs will not be privatized indicates the dependence placed on the State capital segment of the coalition.


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