Gota lashes social media

Gota lashes social media

Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday challenged the entire nation to declare

to the whole world that Prabhakaran was a terrorist since they were attacking him on social media outlets calling him a murderer, and Mahinda a thief.

He made this comment at a function held at the Sambuddhatva Jayanthi Mandiraya to launch the book Viruvange Viththi Vaachakaya. He said that this is a habit that the entire Sinhala race has from birth and that a friend had as described in the book named Ape Sinhalaye Maha Wanshaya which he is now reading.

The former Defence Secretary said the "war heroes who gave us a country free from the fear of war, as well as the people's leaders who gave them leadership in the war, should have their names written into the annals of our history as a mark of gratitude of a nation to a small group that made a great contribution to the country, and as a sign of our appreciation of their patriotism " (ceylontoday)

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