Ravi demands Rs. 2 billion compensation from Bandula

Ravi demands Rs. 2 billion compensation from Bandula

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake has sent a letter of demand to MP Bandula Gunawardana seeking Rs.2 billion as compensation.

The letter of demand was sent yesterday through his attorneys in response to a similar letter of demand sent to Minister Karunanayake by MP Bandula Gunawardana seeking compensation.

Earlier, MP Gunawardana sent a letter of demand to Minister Karunanayake citing that he has been defamed by a statement made by Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake in a media statement.

Minister Karunanayake’s media statement referred to the warnings issued on MP Bandula Gunawardana by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry which is probing the Treasury bond issue.

Minister Karunanayake in his letter of demand admits only to the content of his previous media statement but denies rest of the averments contained in the letter sent by MP Gunawardana’s lawyer. The minister further stated in his letter that he became aware that MP Gunawardana was questioned by the Commission with regard to a false statement made by him to the media and also MP Gunawardana admitted that he made such a false statement whereby the Commission warned him to refrain from making such statements in the future, only after such information was published in the mainstream media.

He also stated in his letter of demand that he never defamed MP Gunawardana nor made any malicious statement against him therefore Gunawardana has no right to claim any compensation.

Minister Karunanayake further states in his letter of demand that, in return of MP Bandula Gunawardana claim for a compensation of Rs.300 million, he will sue him for Rs.2 billion damage for malicious institution of action in Court.(Daily News)

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