Son of Senior Politician in dirty campaign

Son of Senior Politician in dirty campaign

The secretary of the son of a senior politician of the previous Government is leading a sustained campaign to tarnish the reputation of current ministers and MPs, Cabinet spokesman Minister Rajitha Senaratne said on Wednesday.

Commenting on Minister of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms Gayantha Karunatileka lodging a complaint with the CID requesting an investigation into a photograph, which he alleges has been photo-shopped to show him distributing flood relief which only contain a few bananas on 5 June, Senaratne said that the CID has uncovered details of a well-funded operation to disparage the government.

"We have found that this man operates a centre that has about 40 employees. Their task is to create false information about government MPs and spread them through social media. This individual is now afraid and has been telling his associates that he had done this because he was instructed to do so," he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Karunatileka stated that the circulation of this image is slanderous because, although the people in Galle, where he distributed flood relief, are aware that this is not true, the general public might believe this falsehood. "For example a lot of Sri Lankans living abroad are angry. Politicians of course are privileged and we have a way to fight back but what would happen if this kind of slander is spread against a non- politician? His or her life would be destroyed. So I decided that something has to be done about organized groups using social media to spread falsehoods against people," he said.(Ceylon Today)

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