LG polls to be postponed indefinitely?

LG polls to be postponed indefinitely?

Election monitor, Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has warned that the...... government was currently planning to postpone the 2017 LG polls indefinitely.

The organization issuing a media release said that by claiming that the polls to all the LG bodies should be held at the same time, the government was planning to postpone the polls to the LG bodies in the East, North Central and Sabaragamuwa when its due term is slated to expire by August this year.

CaFFE says that as per the LG polls Act once the official term expires of such bodies a new election of representatives has to be held.

However, if the said poll is to be postponed it should be approved through a two-thirds majority vote in Parliament or through a public referendum.

However, CaFFE says that some political parties had suggested to the government on the need to delay the LG polls to the afore-mentioned LG bodies.

CaFFE says hence attempting to delay the holding of the LG polls was not only a violation of the rights of the people but a transgression of the UN policies.(Ceylon Today)

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