TNA Dismayed at Maha Sangha ‘Veto’

TNA Dismayed at Maha Sangha ‘Veto’

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has urged the three main Buddhist Sectsin the country to reconsider their assertion that there was no need for a new Constitution for the country.

TNA MP MA Sumanthiran stated that when all political parties represented in the legislature had contributed towards the drafting of a new Constitution, the main Buddhist Sects affirming that there was no need for such a framework was both shocking and ridiculous.

He pointed out that the whole objective in electing a new regime two years ago was to introduce a new Constitution and asked why the Buddhist clergy had taken such a long time to state their case.

Sumanthiran added that for the first time in the country's history since independence it has got a golden opportunity to enact a new Constitution with input from all political parties and the public. He alleged that there could be a sinister move behind the stance taken by the Maha Sangha.(Ceylon Today)

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