SLFP members damned in Ampara

SLFP members damned in Ampara

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members in the Ampara District are neglected by their respective parliamentarians, Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Amaraweera said yesterday.

Addressing a gathering in...... Hambantota he went on to note that the MPs only engage in protests and do not work towards improving the lives of the people in Ampara.

"If you look at the series of government changes in the past, the incoming government would penalize their opponents in the former government and vice versa.

They will also halt the projects commenced by the previous government. However, when the Chairman of the SLFP, Maithripala Sirisena, became the President he did not discontinue the development projects commenced by the former government but instead the President instructed the Cabinet to continue with the projects," he said.

"When the incumbent government took over there were five development projects planned for the Hambantota District. All of these are presently being implemented. We are able to continue these projects because President Sirisena became the president of this country. I could have spent my political life protesting and smashing coconuts in temples. But if I do that, what kind of benefit would the people of Hambantota get? Because we work together with this government, the people of Hambantota receive a beneficial return.

However, there are those who do not like this kind of development. Therefore I have to face several challenges, and I am subjected to slander and defamation," he added.(Ceylon Today)

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