GMOA selling acquired knowledge from free education:SB

GMOA selling acquired knowledge from free education:SB

Minister S. B. Dissanayake yesterday, said that he was ready to receive praise or blame for establishing a private medical college in Sri Lanka. He was speaking at a conference held at the ministry premises.

Minister Dissanayake said he took the decision to establish the medical college on behalf of 175, 000 students who passed the GCE Advanced Level Examination every year.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Dissanayake said that when he became the Minister of Higher Education, only 17,000 were enrolled in universities. “I took in 10,000 more students. But there are more than 150,000 students who are unable to make it into a university due to lack of facilities. Of these students, about 20,000 fly abroad for foreign education.” the Minister pointed out.

He also said these medical colleges did not provide basic facilities to students.

Minister Dissanayake also said the JVP is a main party who objects to private medical colleges. He pointed out that some JVP leaders have sent their students abroad for educational purposes.

Minister Dissanayake also said the Government Medical Officers Association that influences the anti-SAITM University students are ‘selling’ their knowledge acquired from free education system of Sri Lanka. He also questioned as to why it is wrong to establish private universities for those who are unable to enter a government university.

Minister Dissanayake was addressing a conference held by the National Social Development Institute. (Daily News)

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