Govt trying to force new Constitution on the people – MR

Govt trying to force new Constitution on the people – MR

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa insinuated that the Government is forcibly trying to introduce a new Constitution amidst widespread opposition from religious leaders and the public.

"Even the Catholic leaders have cautioned the Government with regard to the Constitution making process," he said.

He made this statement to to the media when he attended tge the funeral of Chief Prelate of...... Ramanna sect, Dr. Nagoda Amarawansa.

Rajapaksa went on to note that a Constitution introduced by force will hinder the reconciliation process and that the devolution of power will not be sustainable when the majority community are in opposition to it. He added that a Government that does not pay heed to the Buddhist monks will not last long. He also added that the necessary steps will be taken to defeat the new Constitution and that the media also has to play a role in doing so.

Commenting on the forthcoming elections the former President said, "The Government ministers are undecided on when to hold polls. We don't know when the elections will be held. This is a delaying tactic. They fear losing, hence they keep delaying the polls. Regardless of when they hold the polls, we will be ready to face the elections. We will secure a major victory," he said.

(Ceylon Today)

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