Sagala says UNP committed to ensuring free and fair election

Sagala says UNP committed to ensuring free and fair election

Law and Order and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayaka said yesterday that the United National Party would be fully committed to ensure a free and fair election.

“One should not forget the situation in the country before 8 January 2015. We have now ushered in a new political culture. That is why we should come forward to protect the rights of the voters and ensure a free and fair election,” Ratnayaka said, while speaking to media in Matara, after depositing money for the Local Government polls in the Matara District.

Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera and Parliamentarian Buddhika Pathirana were also present at the occasion.

“We are in the process of strengthening the country’s economy and rebuilding the nation. Therefore, we want the Local Government bodies to work in line with our national agenda. That is the intention with which we launch our election campaign,” the Minister added.

He said the people in the Matara District gave strength and momentum to the formation of the National Unity Government.

“We need to move forward with the same vigour and strength at this election too,” the Minister added.

“Some have now forgotten the track record of the defeated political elements. They have also forgotten how their cronies made money through government contracts. We request them not to forget the past. Also, we invite them to join hands with us and embark on this victorious journey,” Ratnayaka said.


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