Govt trying to militarize country -Rajapaksa

Govt trying to militarize country -Rajapaksa

The Government which has been unable to maintain law and order in the country is now seeking to militarize the country and this is a dangerous situation, warned ex president Mahinda Rajapakse speaking to Ceylon Today.

The ex president pointed out that the Government was trying to make out that militarization was legal.

The Government should permit the Police Department to conduct investigations into civil offences as had been done in the past 150 years.

This is the first time these duties are to be entrusted to the Forces. This in a bid to militarize the country, the ex president noted.

This government after engaging the forces for investigations into drug offences and murders in order to hang them, if it enlists the forces to resolve family disputes, it will not be matter of surprise, the ex president observed.

During the tenure of his government, the Forces and war heroes valiantly fought to defeat the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world . On the contrary, the present Government instead of strengthening the Forces is transferring the duties of the Police to the Forces . This cannot be allowed, the ex president asserted.

If the Police fails to maintain law and order, what the Government should do is probe into the weaknesses of the Police and take remedial action.

The IGP appointed by the Independent Police Commission is responsible to the Commission and if the IGP is not following instructions of the Commission he is violating the Constitution .

During his tenure of office, three powerful drug kingpins were hiding in foreign countries. After enlisting international assistance, they were arrested and brought to Sri Lanka. As opposed to this, the present Government had not been able to arrest and bring down even a single drug baron from abroad, Rajapaksa lamented.

(Ceylon Today)

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