SLPP to officially appoint MR as leader on 2nd anniversary

SLPP to officially appoint MR as leader on 2nd anniversary

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) will officially invite former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to lead the Party on it second anniversary, Chairman of the Party Prof. G. L. Peiris said yesterday.

“We celebrate the second anniversary of the Party in November. Within 16 months, we were able to win the majority of local Government. None of the other political parties were able to achieve a win like we did. We couldn’t do that without the help and guidance of Basil Rajapaksa,” Chairman of SLPP Prof G.L Peiris said in Press conference.

To mark the second anniversary of the SLPP, the Constitution of the Party will be announced during the General Assembly along with the Constitutions for the Youth Front and the Women’s Front of the Party.

He highlighted that committees of the SLPP will be formed island-wide, along with the Youth, Trade Unions, Farmer Unions and Bhikkhu Organisations, before the General Assembly of the Party.

Meanwhile, he said the Constitutional Council (CC) has been defunct as they have not been able to meet the required quorum, negatively affecting public administration as they appoint key positions in the State sector. He highlighted that the three-year terms of the nominated members have ended.

“This cannot be taken lightly since this is one of the most important entities in the Sri Lankan Constitution. This is not an unexpected incident, everybody knew about the terms of the CC. The appointment of the new Chief Justice is also due this month,” he added.

Pieris said the Government’s failure to identify the priorities and appoint the members to the CC would lead to serious consequences.

Nuwara Eliya MP C. B. Rathnayake, speaking at the press briefing, said that the Enterprise Sri Lanka cessionary loan scheme might lead to possible bankruptcy.

“We have seen what happened to some private banks in recent history, but I am afraid this would happen to Government banks as well,” he said.


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