Thursday, 04 June 2020 09:16

JVP calls for election to be held under tough COVID-19 control measures

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) yesterday called on the Election Commission (EC) to place the highest priority on the current COVID-19 outbreak situation and hold the elections only under a very virus-controlled situation.

Speaking to reporters at the party head office, former Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath said they expected the EC will consider all aspects of the prevailing situation to fix dates for the forthcoming General Election.

“Curfew will be imposed for Poson. The curfew is still in effect from 10 pm to 4 am. Curfew can be imposed at any time. No one can say the country has returned to normalcy,” he argued.

Herath charged the Government wanted to hold the election amid the COVID-19 outbreak and praised the EC for working to postpone the election. According to Herath, if the President had heeded the EC and sought the Supreme Court’s opinion about postponing the election as requested, the situation would have been less complicated.

“As COVID-19 cases were increasing in China, we raised that in Parliament. The Government said they have installed special cameras to scan passengers and assured that Sri Lanka did not face any threat. However, the situation changed in a very short period.”

The former MP noted that the JVP fully supported upholding the democratic rights of citizens. However, he pointed out that the election should be held without risking the safety of the public.

“We want to point out three main points. The first is the safety of the public, the safety of public officers involved in election duties, and to ensure no second wave is generated.”

He also noted that there should be equal opportunities to hold meetings, distribute leaflets, meet the people, and convey their policies to the public.


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