Sunday, 18 October 2020 10:35

Bathiudeen’s disappearance: We’re speechless before public’s confrontation, says Medille Thero

In the backdrop that the public was pressured to vote for the present regime, Medille Pagnaloka Thero, Secretary of Sinha Le movement, confessed that they are facing a difficult time responding to the public amidst the failure to track down former Minister Rishard Bathiudeen.

At this distinction, the Thera said thay they would be ones to run in hiding instead of Bathiudeen in the inability to respond to the public's confrontation.

The Thera made this observation speaking to media yesterday (17).

"To be honest, we have to say to former Minister Rishard, that you're not the one who should be hiding, but we are. Because, we're being questioned by the people of this country as to whether the leaders whom we pressured the public to vote for behave before you now. We're answerless," the Thera said,

"So, dear Rishard. It's not you who should be hiding, but we are. So please come out, for we'll be run in hiding," he added.


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