Wednesday, 21 October 2020 10:49

20A requires no referendum at this moment, clauses 5, 22 will be withdrawn - Justice Minister

In accordance with the Supreme Court declaration of the draft 20th Amendment to the Constitution, the government requires no public referendum at this moment, and clauses 05 and 22 in the Amendment will be withdrawn, later to be passed in Parliament, Justice Minister Ali Sabry said.

The Justice Minister made this observation speaking to media yesterday (20) evening.

In the Supreme Court's declaration that the draft amendment corresponds to the general Constitution, it can be passed via a two-thirds majority in Parliament, under four conditions, Sabry revealed.

"The 19th Amendment stated under the powers of the President that the necessary background should be prepared for a fair election. This had already been tabled as an amendment at the Committee Stage. Then follows the period in which Parliament is dissolved. During the Committee Stage we submitted to the Supreme Court through the AG that this would be dissolved in two and a half years. The Supreme Court stated that if it is to be dissolved in two and a half years, they find no problem with it," he said.

The Minister went on: "Is the clause, which states that fundamental rights petitions can be filed over certain decisions made by the President during his tenure, to be amended, a referendum should have been sought, it said. Therefore, we would be withdrawing it."

"It is considered a punishable offence for the state media not to properly comply with the criteria set by the independent Election Commission during the period of an election. Is this clause to be removed, a referendum should have been sought, it said. At this moment, there is no need to seek a referendum, therefore, these two would be withdrawn in the procedure to continue," he added.



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