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EFL awarded for Delivery Excellence by Huawei

Expolanka Freight (Pvt) Ltd was recognized for its supply chain solution management and Delivery Excellence in addition to its ability to meet demanding project deadlines in a timely and flexible manner at the Huawei Annual Core Partner Convention 2018 held in New Delhi, India.


JLL Lanka hails deregulation of real estate market as boost for foreign investment

Real estate consultancy JLL Lanka this week commended the passing of recent legislation pertaining to foreign ownership of land in Sri Lanka, noting that the move will provide a much-needed boost to investor confidence. JLL refers to the amendment to Section 3 of the Land (Restriction on Alienation) Act No 38 of 2014, which was certified on 30 July.


Cameroon Holds Presidential Election During Separatist Violence

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Cameroonians have been going to the polls to elect their new president from a list of eight contenders, including the 86-year old President Paul Biya who has ruled the central African state for 36 years. He is widely expected to be reelected. Fighting between armed separatists and the military has killed at least six people in the English speaking regions.


Chathurangi Jayasuriya

Chathurangi Jayasuriya, the captain of the national netball team has been a dedicated player who was determined to bring the trophy back to the country. Currently working as a flight lieutenant at the Sri Lanka Air Force, she is a proud product of Sri Dharmaloka College. Having started her sports career as an athlete who excelled in high jump, long jump and triple jump events, she had a passion for sports since her childhood. Although she played netball as a hobby she was interested to join the pool after our girls won the Asian Championship in 2009. To date, she is still passionate about her favourite sport and wishes to take it to greater heights.


15 Things Lankan Girls want in a Guy

Apart from having so much fun writing what Guys wanted in a Girl, I was inspired to write this because someone triggered me by asking what I looked for in a potential partner. I believe I speak for many when I say that my initial “list” in my 20s was three A4 pages long, over the years I crossed out many because I realised that I was asking for a unicorn or some mythical beast and not a man. Ten years of careful filtering has left me with one requirement: a pulse.


Types of Twitter Users

I like to think that Twitter is the window to your soul, in 280 characters. Try as you might, eventually, your true personality always shines through, probably triggered by a tweet that will ruffle your feathers.

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