Road signs robbed for Kottu Roti plates

Road signs robbed for Kottu Roti plates

Road signs erected along several roads in the Hambantota district have been removed by certain unscrupulous persons to be used as plates for making ‘Kottu Roti’,

said D. C. Lionel Regional Engineer attached to the Road Development Authority in Hambantota.

He said so during a meeting of the Ambantota Regional Co-ordinating committee on Monday. He said iron plates used to mark road signs are strong enough to be used as floorboards for making ‘Kottu Roti’. He found several such robbed plates being used at eateries in the area making ‘Kottu Roti’ for sale to their customers.

He said the removal of these road signs caused great inconvenience to motorists.

Co-chairman of the Regional Co-ordinating Committee State Minister Dilip Wedaarachchi who presided over the meeting directed police to investigate this matter and take legal action against those robbing road signs under the Public Property Act.(Daily News)

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