Sampanthan’s ancestral home under siege

Sampanthan’s ancestral home under siege

A group of family members of the disappeared persons had stood outside the ancestral home of Leader of the Opposition and the Tamil National Alliance,

Rajavarothayam Sampanthan at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday (19).
The protestors pointed out that the TNA was ignorant of their plight and to express their dismay, they had staged the protest outside Sampanthan's residence.

The people who participated in the protest had been sitting outside the office of the Eastern Province Governor. Austin Fernando. for the past fifteen days in rotation.

However, they decided to stage the protest outside the ancestral home of Sampanthan and blocked the main entrance to the residence. The protestors also stood on the both sides of the main road in front of Sampanthan's residence, sources added.

The protest took place for more than an hour and the protestors carried placards urging the TNA and the government to find their loved ones, who had disappeared without trace.

No untoward incident occurred during the protest, sources said. (ceylontoday)

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