SAITM will co-operate with Govt decisions

SAITM will co-operate with Govt decisions

The Management of SAITM will co-operate with policy decisions of the Government

and suggestions made by President Maithripala Sirisena on the plan to solve the issues pertaining to its continuity. A significant proposal that has emerged is the broad-basing of SAITM's......ownership by listing it on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

SAITM in a press release said:

"Regarding the suggestion to suspend the enrolment of new students, SAITM is willing to co-operate with the Government in order to facilitate the implementation of the said proposals expeditiously, subject to the conclusion of the Court case that awaits a Supreme Court decision.

The Chairman and management are confident that the Government will at all times protect the freedom of education in the country.

"SAITM will extend its fullest support to the Government's efforts to maintain quality standards in medical education in Sri Lanka, across all medical faculties, State and private, sans discrimination."(Ceylontoday)


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