Bomb hoaxer fails to appear in court

Bomb hoaxer fails to appear in court

The Sri Lankan man charged over a midair bomb scare aboard a Malaysia Airlines flight chose not to appear in Melbourne Magistrate’s court where he was charged with offences that carry a 10 year jail term.

Manodh Marks, 25, has been charged with attempting to enter the cockpit of flight MH128 and threatening to detonate an explosive device.

Marks who has been living in Australia on a student visa, has requested medical attention and requested special treatment while in custody, his lawyer claiming that he was “vulnerable”.

Quizzed by Magistrate Susie Cameron as to the reason for his vulnerability, Mark’s lawyer said: “He has concerns for his safety in custody”.“He needs to see a mental health nurse urgently,” she said.Police revealed earlier today that Marks had just been released from a mental health facility before booking a flight on the plane.No application for bail was made. The matter has been listed for a committal hearing on August 24. (The Australia)

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