Fish perish in Nanthi kadal Lagoon

Fish perish in Nanthi kadal Lagoon

Thousands of fish species have perished in the Nanthi Kadal Lagoon owing to the prevailing drought in the area, the Ministry of Fisheries announced yesterday.

The Ministry added that Vattuwagal lagoon which is also connected to the Nanthi Kadal Lagoon is experiencing the same problem. On Sunday (4) NARA commenced an investigation to ascertain the causes for the death of fish on the instructions by the Minister for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Amaraweera. The investigation revealed that the insufficient water in the lagoon, the increase in the temperature and the decrease of oxygen collectively led to the deaths of the fish. It was also discovered that the link between the lagoon and the sea had collapsed and the estuary had been diverted due to sand dunes. Officials say these factors can be resolved by deepening the lagoon, clearing the sand dunes and establishing the link between the sea and the lagoon.

Minister Amaraweera had instructed the relevant authorities to take the necessary steps towards this end.(Ceylon Today)

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