Capacity based Army with a modernisation plan - New Commander

Capacity based Army with a modernisation plan - New Commander

New Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake said the army should be developed as a capacity based army than a threat based army as there is a no combat situation prevailing in the country.

“There is a need to go for a capacity based army following a modernisation plan” he said.

The Army Commander made these remarks while participating in the first media conference after assuming duty as the 22nd Army Commander at the Army Headquarters in Colombo yesterday.

He added that the Sri Lanka Army is based on dedication and discipline. Security forces personnel are subject to the civil law of the country and the army law. Therefore there is no room for army personnel to engage in unruly activities. However, if there is such misconduct, the responsible persons for that misconduct will be subjected to both the Army law and the civil law.

Asked whether there is any truth on the allegations of human right violations during the humanitarian operations, the Army Commander said the Sri Lanka Army as a professional army, driven by discipline, has never been involved in violating human rights of anyone.

“However, the Sri Lanka Army will give its fullest assistance to investigations into human right violations,”he said.

He said that the decision on releasing lands in the North and East acquired for the use of security forces during the process of eradicating terrorism, should be taken by the security heads of the three forces and police. However, there is no threat of releasing lands except several locations which is important for national security.

The Army Commander said that capable, dedicated and clever personnel will be given priority and there will be more opportunities to climb up. Cleverness and capability will be an advantage than the position of seniority book, he noted.

When he was asked why he happened to left the country right after the victory of humanitarian operation, he said that it was a result of the circumstances prevailed at that time.

“A was never a political victim. I was a victim of circumstances at that time” he said.

Asked whether there is an ISIS threat for the country, he said that it cannot be considered that there is a threat to the country at the moment. Adequate and necessary measures for the national security have already been taken. (Daily News)

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