Train accident deaths, injuries on the rise

Train accident deaths, injuries on the rise

There were 180 suicides on railway tracks last year while another 256 persons had sustained injuries attempting to commit suicide, the Sri Lanka Railways Department Performance Report for the year 2016 revealed.

According to the Performance Report tabled in Parliament last week, the deaths and injuries caused by train accidents had increased compared to 2015. One hundred and ninety eight persons had died and another 409 persons wereinjured due to train accidents last year while those numbers in 2015 were 175 and 380 respectively.

The majority of casualties were due to attempting to commit suicide, and the statistics indicate deaths and injuries in attempting to commit suicide on railway had increased last year compared to 2015.

Train collisions with vehicles at railway level crossings had resulted in 14 deaths and 44 injuries last year.

Seventy five train passengers had been injured and one passenger had died due to falling from trains. Another four passengers had been injured intrain collisions. Twenty six persons had been injured and three persons had died due to pelting of stones at trains in the same year.

The Railway Security Service collected a total of about Rs 3.6 million last year by taking action against 1,324 ticketless travellers. It has nabbed 345 persons for travelling in classes irrelevant to their tickets and collected another Rs 1.2 million by imposing fines on them. (Daily News)

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