Postal Unions threaten to Strike Demand for a ‘Closed Service’

Postal Unions threaten to Strike Demand for a ‘Closed Service’

The postal trade unions have decided to go for a strike in the coming fortnight if the Government does not take concrete steps to make the postal service a 'Closed Service'.

In a bid to resolve continuous contentious salary issues in the Railways, Health and Education sectors, the Government last week decided to make all three sectors 'Closed Services'.

By making a sector a 'Closed Service', the Government could remove that particular service from the combined services, where a person is recruited not to a post but to a Service, where staff is transferable......between Government Departments, thereby allowing the Government to increase the salaries of a particular service.

In response to these unions of the postal service have also decided that the postal service should also be made a Closed Service. The unions have also written to the Minister of Posts and have given him two weeks to response, Jagath Mahinda of the Lanka Postal Services Union said.

(Ceylon Today)

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