510 prisoners given amnesty to mark Christmas

510 prisoners given amnesty to mark Christmas

A general amnesty was granted to 510 prisoners islandwide yesterday (25) to mark Christmas, Media Spokesperson for the Department of Prisons, Thushara Upuldeniya said.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, he noted that 35 inmates were released from Welikada Prison, Borella. He added that Christian prisoners have also been facilitated to engage in festivities and worship with their families.

According to the 2017 Census and Statistics Report compiled with 2016 data, direct admissions of convicted and un-convicted prisoners to institutions was 24,060 and out of this number, 9,791 were admitted to the Welikada Prison......which was higher than prisoners admitted to other Prisons in the country. In 2016, the number of un-convicted Buddhist prisoners amounted to 55,667 (58.8%), Hindu prisoners 19,563 (20.7%), Muslim prisoners 3,745 (14.5%), Roman Catholic prisoners 4,120 (4.4%), other Christian prisoners 1,542 (1.6%) and 18 were from other faiths. Statistics relating to the custody of remand prisoners revealed that 37,044 admissions took place during 2016 which is a marginal drop of 8,766 admissions from 2015's 45,810 admissions.

Admissions of convicted and remand prisoners islandwide were 118,715 in 2016, which is a marginal rise from 2015's 113,645 admissions. The daily average of convicted and un-convicted prisoners in 2016 was 17,478, which reflects a slight decrease from 2015's average of 17,996.

(Ceylon Today)

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