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Legal action taken against 163 bogus job agencies

Deputy Minister of Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara stated that so far legal action has been instituted against 163 bogus employment agencies and that he would leave no room for those committing illegal acts to go scot free.

The Deputy Minister added that his Ministry had filed the cases during the first seven months of this year and that those guilty of violating foreign employment laws and regulations will be punished to the very letter of the law.

He warned that his Ministry will adopt strict measures to curb the illegal human smuggling racket and that legal action will be taken against those aiding and abetting such activities.

He further added that there were multiple cases against particular agencies and the highest number of incidents was reported regarding employee migrations to the Seychelles.

The Deputy Minister emphasized that the Government`s struggle against human smuggling and scams related to foreign job opportunities would be continued with more advanced technology.

He also noted that some of those agencies who were connected to scams were Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment registered ones while others were not.“If any officer related to the Bureau is found guilty over these offences, we will punish him or her without any hesitation or considering the officer’s level.”

(Ceylon Today)

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