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Rehabilitated LTTE Cadres’ party backs Ven. Gnanasara

The Rehabilitated Liberation Tigers of Tamil Party yesterday (4) said that Bodu Bala Sena’s General Secretary Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera should be released soon. Speaking at a meeting, members of the Party opined that the monk had always acted in favour of the public.

Leader of the Party, Kandasami Inbarasa claimed that the monk has warned about the rising Islamic extremism in the country. “As we know, the monk has not acted against any ethnicity. He simply pointed out the damage that can be caused by Islam extremism. He never harmed innocent Muslims,” said Inbarasa.

He added that many politicians attempt to label the monk as ‘racist’ because he had revealed their many corrupt and unwarranted activities. “The monk worked hard to save all communities including the Muslims from the extremist politicians and foreign-aided forces. We want the monk to be released soon and to continue his mission,” he added.

He further said that they wish to serve the country, after their rehabilitation, “At present politicians such as Rishad Bathiudeen and Hizbulla are spreading extremism. Members of our Party revealed many illegal and anti-social acts committed by them. We received death threats from those extremist politicians in the Government,” Inbarasa further alleged.

He alleged that the Eastern Province had become a hideout for Islam extremists. “The intelligence services in the area have been disabled and the information is not properly conveyed to the Government. Moreover, the majority of the members from the Intelligence Service employed in the East are Muslims. So, they distort the real situation”.

He also claimed that such extremist activities are presently taking place in the East and the Government has turned a blind eye. “It is very clear that those extremists are planning a bloodbath in the country. They are also dragging the innocent Muslims into their selfish cause. We don’t discriminate people by ethnicity; we want the citizens of this country to be safe. We do not like to see our people suffering if any war erupts in the country again,” he further added.

(Ceylon Today)

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