Thursday, 27 September 2018 06:06

Hirunika’s house burgled

Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra has lodged a complaint that jewellery and a wristwatch valued at Rs 5 million has been stolen from her Arangala, Hokandara residence on the night of 23 September. The robbery had taken place despite a 24-hour Police security presence at the house. What is more is that she and her husband were both inside the house when the robbery had taken place.

Police said initial investigations revealed that a person who had climbed the wall of the MP’s residence had climbed onto the roof from the rear end and entered a room. Police said the robber had broken a cupboard with a hammer before making off with the jewellery and a wristwatch. Police said empty boxes in which the jewellery and wristwatch were kept and the hammer used to break open the cupboard were found dumped in an empty lot nearby.

Sources said MP Premachandra and her husband had been at home at the time of the theft but were unaware of the incident and had alerted the Police the next day.

No suspects have been arrested so far. Further inquiries are being conducted by the Athurugiriya Police.

(Ceylon Today)

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