Friday, 05 October 2018 06:08

Brutal crimes on the rise

Despite the number of crimes decreasing, brutal crimes have taken a turn for the worse, Minister of Law and Order, Ranjith Maddumabandara pointed out.

He adduced the increase in brutality to social and psychological reasons. He was speaking at a Media briefing at the Ministry of Law and Order.

Referring to the increase in the number of crimes in the North and the Avaa Group being involved, the Minister said they were inspired by scenes of South Indian movies where there were sword fights and added that the Government was making an all out effort to reduce crimes and drug trafficking.

“During the previous regime, mainstream politicians were involved in the drug mafia but now no one in our Government was involved”, he noted. The Minister said the Jaffna Peninsula was more peaceful than other Provinces, adding that only two murders had been reported in the Northern Province this year while there were 38 murder cases in the country this year.

“The Jaffna based avaa Group has not been invoved in any murder, but the use of swords was unpardonable. The Avaa Group is only operating in Police divisions of the Jaffna Peninsula”, he said.

(Ceylon Today)

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