Friday, 10 May 2019 06:22

Female suicide bomber was devout Hindu, reveals mother

Suicide bomber Mohammad Hasthoon’s wife, Pulasthini Mahendran alias Sara who is believed to be an active participant in the recent bombings, was born in a devout Hindu lower middle class family and was converted to Islam and radicalised, a report by the Tamil channel IBC Tamizh has revealed.

According to the report, Pulasthini was born in a middle-class Hindu family in Thettativu, in the Batticaloa District in the Eastern Province and was allegedly abducted, converted to Islam and radicalised by Islamists groups.
IBC Tamizh’s interview with her mother, Kavitha Mahendran reveals that Pulasthini was a good student who was pursuing medical studies. She used to pursue traditional Tamil and Hindu religious studies in school.

However, one Abdul Razik abducted Pulasthini when she was a student. Kavitha claims that she tried to bring her daughter back, but Razik insisted that Pulasthini was ‘happy’ and that she had made an ‘informed adult decision’. A few months later, Razik called Kavitha to inform her that her daughter had ‘embraced’ Islam and was married off to a man. Her husband is believed to the Mohammad Hasthoon, who was caught on camera at the St. Sebastian Church bombing on Easter Sunday.

A devastated Kavitha cut off all ties with her daughter. A month after this, Kavitha claims she got a call from her distraught daughter who said that she was unhappy in her life and that she was on the verge of a complete breakdown. However, after this phone call, there was no contact from Pulasthini.

Around two weeks before the Easter Sunday attacks, Kavitha claims an unknown man, who identified himself as Sri Lankan intelligence officer had come looking for Pulasthini but didn’t divulge any information.


The IBC report reveals that Razik is actually a leader of the radical Islamic organisation, Sri Lankan Thowheed Jama’ath which has close ideological ties with the Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jama’ ath.


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