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UNIDO highlights SDGs & industry way forward in Colombo

UN’s specialized agency for industrial development working to usher Inclusive and sustainable industrialization framework unveiled its way forward on industry framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Sri Lanka for the first time. The visiting New Delhi based UNIDO Regional Representative Dr Rene Van Berkel addressing the Lankan public elaborated on background, opportunities and challenges for business from the SDGs and provide practical examples from the work of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in South and South-East Asia on advancing inclusive and sustainable industrial development. Dr Berkel also visited Sri Lanka in July and met the Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen on 25 July.



We often take our clear vision for granted and fail to appreciate the beauty of creation and life. Yet, there are 150,000 citizens in Sri Lanka who are totally blind and another 400,000 who have various levels of vision impairment. As we all know, being differently abled and having a physical disability is a major setback to everyday life in Sri Lanka. Sadly, we as a nation have not focused on incorporating such folk into our lifestyle, although good work is being done by many organizations at various levels.


7 Types of people at book sales

The book exhibition at the BMICH concluded just recently and the Big Bad Wolf is now on, giving book lovers in town sunshine and rainbow vibes despite the gloomy weather. If you love books as much as we do, you will certainly brave any weather or any of the people mentioned below just so you can snag some awesome deals. So here are some people you will bump into at book exhibitions while you have your nose buried in a book.


Tea Avenue Now in Kolpetty

With teas brewed to perfection, Tea Avenue has provided you with the ultimate tea experience. Although this venture was initiated by a family that was involved with tea since the 1930s, their selection of food and beverages are mind-blowing.

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