V Day 2017

V Day 2017

V Day 2017 Resolutions: How do we prevent rape and abuse?

In 2011 The Grassrooted Trust began presenting ‘V Day – Writings to End Violence against Women and Girls’. From 2012, the organization has written and produced original scripts in English, Sinhala and Tamil, based on their interactions with survivors of violence and abuse. Last year, V Day - From The Cloud which dealt with cyber exploitation and violence was performed in Colombo as well as at the Kandy and Galle Literary Festivals. V Day 2016 Tenderness was performed in April. Both were very well received.

This year, V Day 2017 Resolutions is based on interviews, discussions, and conversations around how we may prevent rape and abuse in Sri Lanka. “Grassrooted has always held up a mirror, and this time, there was a call for us to use this platform to provide solutions” explains Director of the Trust, Hans Billimoria “We spent 2016 speaking with educators, politicians, doctors, interior designers, lawyers, students, advertisers, law enforcement, parents, and of course, Joe Public. We asked them - how can we prevent rape and abuse? Is there a solution? On the 1st of April we bring you their answers”.

The show is rated 18+ for adults only, and the cast includes Anuruddha Fernando, Ashini Fernando, Bhoomi Harendran, Chitranga Kariyawasan, Danu Innasithamby, Dharini Priscilla, Dino Corera, Dominic Keller, Gehan Blok, Goabi Ramanan, Indu Dharmasena, Lihan Mendis, Pasan Ranaweera, Pia Hatch, Michelle Herft, Sanwada Dharmasena, Vinodh Senadeera, and W Jayasiri among others from Tamil, English and Sinhala theatre.

V Day 2017 Resolutions will take place on Saturday 1st April at 7:30PM at the Barefoot Café. Tickets are priced at Rs. 1000, with a 50% discount for students and are available at the venue. For more information about the show visit the trust on Facebook at Grassrooted and (


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