Commit ourselves to make a better world - President

Commit ourselves to make a better world - President

As the disciples who listened to the Buddhist teachings for the first time under a mango tree, our determination on this noble Poson full moon day should be to commit ourselves to make a better world through the discipline of mind, body and word, President Maithripala Sirisena said in his Poson day message.

“We commenced our journey through a new civilization on the day King Devanampiya Thissa ended the game of deer hunting in Mihintale. With the king who relinquished the bow and arrow on that day, our nation accessed into a path of a new life guided through the concept of Panchasheela, non-violence, compassion and loving-kindness.”

On that day we not only received the heritage of a new doctrine, but also the gift of an enriched civilization, education, literature, architecture, agriculture as well as the livelihood traditions of the contemporary Mauryan Kingdom of Bharat.

Hence, the dawn of Poson full moon day and the arrival of Arhat Mahinda was the historic phenomenon that gave birth to our new future. That is how the site of Mihintale became the lap of our Motherland.

Thus, our way of life was bound to a non-violent principle extended not only to human beings but also to the animals. It resulted in the declaration of the first animal sanctuary in the world. The guidance we were offered by Buddhism to live with a close relationship with the environment was a prime fact of our safe existence.

It was when we deviated from the teachings of the Buddha that nature threatened us in return. The Agganna Sutta in Digha Nikaya explains the harm that can occur when the mutual relationship between nature and humans is fractured. It states that when humans act against nature due to their greed, they themselves will have to face the adverse repercussions. (LI NEWS)

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