Greenlink claims its eligibility for Hambantota Energy Project

Greenlink claims its eligibility for Hambantota Energy Project

Greenlink Global Consulting Inc claims that the company since 2010 dedicated considerable resources to develop the Hambantota Energy Project (HEP) concept and received exclusive rights to develop and 500-1000MW LNG infrastructure project in Hambantota in 2012.

The dedicated berth outlined and land allocated as per its economically viable feasibility study would avoid temporarily port operations when LNG vessels visit the Hambantota Port., the company alleged.

Greenlink says recent government negotiations with government of China to lease Hambantota Port may restrict or stall this independent operation of our LNG vessels docking at the outlined dedicated berth.

Hence this FDI of 1.4B US$ and our efforts maybe threatened by this agreement to be executed between GOSL and Government of China.

Also the two Chinese Government Affiliates China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd and China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp have entered to an non compete and non circumvention agreement with us for the development of this project.

The Hambantota Energy Project (HEP) launched in 2012 remains a non-starter up to now due to the delay in taking firm policy decisions by government officials, an international energy developer alleged.

If government officials had made firm decisions, HEP would have been completed with the implementation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants, Greenlink Global Consulting Inc said in a media release.


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