Old syllabus to be re-introduced

Old syllabus to be re-introduced

The Education Ministry has decided to teach Communication and Mass Media to G. C. E. (A. L.) students, utilising the old syllabuses instead of the newly-introduced syllabuses, as both teachers and students have expressed their protest over the new syllabus of this subject prepared by the National Institute of Education (NIE).

Teachers and students said that the new syllabus consists of many problematic and impractical trends. Hettiarachci said that a new syllabus would be prepared next year after getting views of all concerned parties of the field. The NIE had requested the Education Ministry to take steps to discontinue the use of the new syllabus of this subject, taking in the views of concerned parties and accordingly, the ministry has decided to issue the circular to school heads to re-use the old syllabus until a new syllabus is introduced next year, said Kurunegala District Senior Education Director W. M. Balasooriya, speaking at a meeting of Divisional Directors of Education of the North Western Province, held yesterday at Bingiriya.

(Daily News)

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