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No decision to increase gas prices yet: Minister Bathiudeen

Government has not been decided to increase the price of domestic gas in the upcoming days until the pricing formula is finalised, Industry and Commerce Minister Rishard Bathiudeen said.

Addressing the media at the ministry yesterday he said several requests had been made to the Ministry by the two main gas companies (Litro and Laugfs) for immediate price increase.

“The Ministry cannot approve any sudden price increase for domestic gas. The gas had become an essential consumer item and therefore the government had decided not to increase the prices despite the fluctuation of the world market price,” the Minister said. During the earlier cabinet meeting it had been decided to formulate a common price formula for gas.

“The individuals who want to increase gas prices should submit their proposals to the cabinet.” Minister Bathiudeen said. The rumors are spreading in websites about the gas price hike by Rs.300 per domestic cylinder and no truth in it, he added.

(Daily Mirror)

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