Uni non-academics’ strike called off

Uni non-academics’ strike called off

Striking university non-academics called off their trade union action as the recent statement of the Ministry of Higher Education met their demands.

Chairman of the Joint Committee of University Non Academics’ Trade Unions, Edward Malwattage said that the recent statement released by the Ministry included their demands and therefore that they would commence work after the New Year.

“As per this written statement, the Ministry has promised to reduce the salary disparity and appoint a committee to look into our grievances. What we demanded from the Minister at a meeting held on 2 April had been agreed upon by him.

However, those officers in the Ministry are so inefficient. They delayed the release of the written statement. That is why trade union action was extended.” he explained.
The latest statement which was released by the Higher Education Ministry, however, had also stated that all university non-academic staff should report to work on 17 April and if not, all temporary and probationary employees who are absent on the day will be considered as having vacated their posts. All permanent workers will have no-pay days for the time they stayed away from work, if they fail to report to work on 17 April.

(Ceylon Today)

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