Amaraweera unhappy with Agri Ministry location

Amaraweera unhappy with Agri Ministry location

Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera said that the current building allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture is unsuitable for the operation of the ministry.

He is of the opinion that the Ministry should be relocated to an appropriate and easily accessible location for all cultivators.

Speaking at a media briefing on 7 June, Amaraweera said that he has consulted legal advice to look into the building agreement towards seeing the possibility of relocating the Ministry.

“The Ministry was located at the current building by the Government with the additional intention of allocating the building for the purposes of housing the Sectoral Oversight Committee. However, during the last three years, such meetings were not held. Thus, on 6 June, we handed over the request of relocating the Ministry to the previous location, to the Speaker,” he added.  

(Ceylon Today)

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