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CIABOC gets 1,398 complaints

The Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) has received 1,398 complaints from 1 January to 15 June, according to Director of Investigations at the Commission, Senior Superintendent of Police Priyantha Chandrasiri.

According to SSP Chandrasiri, of the 1,398 complaints, 908 are currently under investigation. The 908 complaints comprise 186 complaints of bribery, 647 on corruption, 38 on illegal earnings and 37 regarding raids.

In addition, there are 112 complaints that the CIABOC is yet to take a decision on. Chandrasiri noted the Commission will decide whether to conduct inquiries on the complaints based on the reports given by relevant Government institutions that concern these complaints.

Furthermore, he said the CIABOC will not be investigating 378 complaints received, as they do not fall within the scope of the Bribery Act. Out of the complaints, 188 fall under the purview of other Government authorities, whilst 190 complaints lacked sufficient information to warrant investigations.

(Ceylon Today)

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