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Countrywide bus strike from Sunday night: ACPBA

A countrywide bus strike will be launched from Sunday midnight as a protest against the tender procedure for route permits, the All Ceylon Private Bus Association (ACPBA) said yesterday.

ACPBA Secretary Anjana Priyanjith said the National Transport Commission (NTC) and the Western Province-Road Passenger Transport Authority (RPTA) were trying to carry out a tender for route permits whereas currently only selected route permits were issued on tenders.

“By the use of tenders, the NTC has earned Rs.400 million for the Matara-Colombo Expressway and the RPTA had earned Rs.450 million,” he said.

Mr Priyanjith said the NTC wants to issue route permits by way of tenders, which had already been issued more than 15 years ago.

“It is not fair,” he said. “We will request details about the revenue earned by the NTC and RPTA during previous route permit tenders through the Right to Information (RTI) Act. We are launching the countrywide strike to urge the NTC to withdraw the decision to carry out tenders for all routes. The bus strike will continue if the fuel price is also increased again by the monthly price revision which is scheduled Friday."

(Daily Mirror)

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