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Train commuters complain over fares

Although the Railway Department stated that the train fares have gone up only by 15 percent, commuters have complained that some train ticket fares have gone up by as much as 40 percent.

The new train fares, revised under the Budget Proposal for 2018, were effective from October 1 onwards.

According to the new fare revision, train fares were increased by 15 percent. Commuters complained that in addition to the daily fares, the season ticket prices have also gone up drastically. Accordingly, the season ticket price which was Rs.420 earlier has been increased to Rs.720. The Rs. 600 and Rs.3360 season ticket prices have gone up to Rs. 960 and Rs.4,320 respectively.

According to the price formula, the Rs.100 ticket should have been priced at Rs.115, but it has been priced at Rs.135. Many commuters who expected only a Rs.15 increase in train fares have been inconvenienced as a result of the higher than expected fares.

However,in rounding up the fares, differing distances between various stations has caused this situation,a Railway Department spokesman said.

(Daily News)

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