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Matara-Beliatta railway track will open in December

Transport Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said the Matara–Beliatta railway track will be vested in the public before the year end. The 36km- long railway track is the first part of the railway line from Matara to Kataragama.

Minister Silva visited the construction site on October 6.

The railway track cost USD 278 million. The China Axim Bank provides the fund and the China Mechanical Cooperation carries out the project.

Main stations of the Matara-Beliatta line will be set up in Kekunadora, Bambarenda, Wawurukannala and Beliatta. Two sub stations will be set up in Piladuwa and Veherahena. The track will run through the longest ever railway tunnel in Sri Lanka (650m).

The railway stations constructed on this line is inter-connected with underground tunnels between platforms for passengers to reach the track.

The tunnel between Bamberanda and Wawurukannala will be the longest and highest overhead railway bridge in Sri Lanka. Ministry sources said Rs. 903 million was provided as compensation to those who have lost properties for the railway line.

The second phase of the track will run from Beliatta to Hambantota and the 3rd stage will extend the track to Kataragama. Ministry Secretary G.S Vithanage and the officials participated in the inspection tour.

(Daily News)

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