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Three-Wheeler fare down from today

Since the fuel price was reduced by Rs 5 on 30 November, the National Three-Wheeler Owners’ Association has decided to reduce the Three-wheeler fare by 20% from todaym(3), said Sunil Jayawardhana, the Chairman of The National Three-Wheeler Owners’ Association .


Accordingly, the Rs 50 which was the price for the first Kilometre was reduced by Rs 10, he said.


The price from the second Kilometre Rs45 will remain unchanged.

He further said that the Association will lodge a complaint today (3) with the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to take actions against the three-wheel drivers who are not reducing the price and if the CAA is not taking actions according to their complaint, they are ready to go to the Court, he added.


Also, he requested the people not travel in the three-wheelers which are not decreasing the price.


In addition, a payment should be made to the institutions which fix the meters and the three-wheeler driver faces difficulty when changing the meter. Therefore they request Labour Minister Gamini Lokuge to intervene so that meters could be fixed without a payment.

(Ceylon Today)

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