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Ranil destroyed me to a certain extent – President

Standing firm on his decision that he would not appoint UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister, even if all the 225 Parliamentarians request him to do so, President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (4) promised to solve the prevailing political turmoil in the country within a week.


The President, addressing the SLFP’s special convention at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, claimed that there was no political clash in the country, but an unrest followed by the political turmoil following his decision to appoint former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister on 26 October.


“Solving political turmoil is a separate science. It was not me but Wickremesinghe who created this turmoil. I only tried to save my country from the curse that is him by taking the decision of appointing Rajapaksa,” he added.


He further said, “Wickremesinghe and his far right and far liberal principles are not suitable for this country as the country has a unique culture, traditions, and values, amongst others. His thinking pattern is not in keeping with our culture.

Our people have certain expectations. Wickremesinghe never cared about these things. His far right vision has made him numb to these things.” Sacking Wickremesinghe from the Premiership was not a decision he took in haste, the President said.


“I was very patiently−observing everything for three and half years. It was a painful journey. He not only destroyed the Good Governance political culture but also the country. Wickremesinghe destroyed me to a certain extent too,” the President asserted.


Furthermore, the President said that he had signed five Gazette Notifications − to sack Wickremesinghe from the Premiership, appoint Rajapaksa as the Premier, dissolve the Cabinet of Ministers, prorogue the Parliament and dissolve the Parliament – all for the sake of the country.


“There are several pending political cases in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. These are not related to murders, robberies or rapes. They are political cases. Now, these Courts have given Interim Orders in some of those cases. I respect and accept the decisions of the Courts wholly.

But the general public has various opinions on the orders of the Courts. Some people say that the Court is completely independent while others claim that the Court is biased. Some even say that a Temple’s Chief Incumbent is delivering a sermon which is supposed to be delivered by a Chief Prelate. However, during this political turmoil we have to behave in well mannered fashion, protecting the Constitution,” the President said.


Moreover, he said that he extended hands of peace to all the party leaders to solve the current turmoil.


“I promise you all that I would solve this crisis within seven days, the maximum, for the sake of our country, people and the unborn children. As I said before, it is Wickremesinghe who created this problem. We should remove that curse from the country. I invite all of you to be a part of that great mission.”

(Ceylon Today)

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